Monday, November 12, 2007


Welcome to the world Elizabeth (Izzy) Si Yun Law.

I saw you on webcam today. You were chilling out with your beautiful mom and dad. You are gorgeous. And floppy. Don’t worry, I hear that over the next few months, you will outgrow the floppy stage forever so you should enjoy it while it lasts.

I’m sending you a greeting from Zambia, where your uncle Ka-Hung, auntie Mel and cousin Dante are visiting. We were sitting in a park as the rain clouds loomed overhead when we heard the news of your arrival. We were more than excited, especially Dante who screamed wildly as he zoomed down a slide ' moooo eeeeeee'. It was wonderful to have them here as our family grew by one because it is moments like these where the delicate balance of following your passion and the relationship costs of distance is tipped in one direction.

I know that your most wonderful parents will teach you to see the beauty in the world and encourage you to follow your passion. I hope that you will listen to them. They’re smart – s -m-r-t. And wise. But don't let that fool you as I have a collection of secrets about your dad when he was young, and I"ll tell you all about them, if the price is right.

And when you’re old enough, I’ll buy you a plane ticket ( I’ll even make it return, if by then, I’m making more than $500/month) and show you around this amazing continent that will no doubt sweep you off your feet.

Hugs, smooches and lots of love from your auntie Hay Hay.

p.s. if your dad forgets, remind him that he can now shave off his pregnancy 'beard'.