Tuesday, August 10, 2010

water is life


The taps are flowing. First time in 72 hours.

What did it take? It took us to act our our distrust of the building managers ( 'no, Zesco, they're coming'), and go directly to the utilities company, ask them to reconnect it.

Interestingly, the service there was pretty good. The clerk we talked to sought out the big bwana who then put in the order for a technician to 'rush back'. The clerk also gave us his personal number to get in touch in case it didn't work. 1.5 hour later, water is flowing in the pipes, again.

I took a bath.

I flushed the toilet.

And now, I tackle the dishes.

water, is life.


kahung said...

Or you could've called up KY or KK for sketchy plumbing details....

happydream said...

Why didn't go to the river or lake to get the water? May be buy a elephan to tell him to use his nose to take some water to you!!!