Saturday, February 6, 2010

31 ways to electrocute yourself

Safety first.

I’m back in Zambia, right smack in the middle of the rainy season. The rains have been good for farmers ( thumbs up).

But remember that blog post I wrote about our road being paved? Well, it never happened. (thumbs down). Over the last month and a half, the rains have turned the road into a mogul run and river. It has also turned my house into an island. I on arrived to find that I needed a boat to get to my front door; water up to my shins surrounding the entire house with no dry path.

But hey, water doesn’t stop anyone. Not even the welders and metal fabricators who use our driveway to manufacture door frames and window frames.

Check it out. That’s real time metal working and welding in water.

‘Ah, aren’t you afraid of electrocution?’ I ask Innocent, one of the guys.

Innocent, innocently and with confidence answers “ ah, no, these wires, they are insulated, no problems, they can be immersed in water”. The wires don’t seem to be anything special to me, but hey, what do I know?

I found a site on the internet ‘30 ways to die of electrocution’ – which showcases shows old illustrations of situations where one can be electrocuted.

Well, I think I have number 31.


happydream said...

I think you need the swimming suit.
some times the rain is bringing the romantic to you if it don't bother your living. I remember that when I was 5 year old little girl. After I had a beauty flower umberlla from my mother. Then I was praying to God for the rainday.
It are different feel from the different time and place.
did you catch some fish in the water ?
Good luck on these rain season.
take care yourself.don't tauch any electrocute whne you don't know it. safety come first.


Allison said...

Kahay - this post made me smile for a good 10 minutes. Thank you!

Your insight + wit is appreciate!


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kahung said...

Hey.....what's with all that Oriental writing???

Nice post. You should come to my place when I do electrical work again. Or get your buddies in the hood to come over. They'd fit right in. Just ask Karl.