Thursday, February 4, 2010

anyone lose a dog?

I’m sitting here in Johannesburg airport, looking out at rain POURING down on the tarmac and wincing at lightning bolts as they fill the sky.

Just across the way are some airport guys, dressed in their dark blue and neon green vests. They're running fast while chasing a dog that is running faster.

The little guy is darting in and out of luggage carts, and past 3 airport vehicles flashing yellow lights. I hope that the dog doesn’t get struck by one of these lightening bolts.

That would be unfortunate.

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happydream said...

I am very hoping that all dogs would like to very friendly to you and don't bite you again.
when you see the dog want to close you or pursue you, then you shell :" Get ready to kick the dog's head with your whole body's power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kick and Kick and kick!!!!!!!!!. ( That mean you shell practice the chinese : Ku Fu.

Good luck when you see the dog.